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The Inaugural Contest’s Poet Laureate – Mr. John B. Lee

Mr. John B. Lee – the inaugural contest’s poet laureate – reads Lalo’s Walls and Climbing the Great Wall of China. Video edited by Mr. Ian Bell.

“Climbing the Great Wall of China” (LE AWARD) by John Lee. Ms Sibelan Forrester said: This poem describes a famous place with strong and evocative images that connect the perceiving consciousness with the wall’s visible features and the deep history that underlies them.

This poem (“Lalo’s Walls” – BEST POEM award) is spoken by a tourist but emphasizes the voice of a Peruvian doctor of archeology who is leading a tour of ancient structures, pointing out the amazing workmanship and durability of the walls. The free verse offers strong images with subtle and effective sound instrumentation.

John B. Lee was appointed Poet Laureate of the City of Brantford in perpetuity in 2004 and Poet Laureate of Norfolk County for life in 2015. The author of over seventy published books, he lives in a lake house overlooking Long Point Bay on Lake Erie in Port Dover, Ontario Canada.


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