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Karl Williams Receives the Freewrite


Mr. Karl Williams won the Freewrite Award for his short story “Buddy & Teemus”. Sibelan Forrester, the inaugural contest judge said about short story “Buddy & Teemus”: A straightforward story with an unusual setting devotes unsentimental attention to different human beings’ ways of being and interacting, their various abilities and disabilities, and the ways they can evoke unexpected responses from one another.

Once Mr. Karl Williams saw Sibelan Forrester’s text at our official web site, he wrote an e-mail to Voki Erceg’s address: I was very pleased to read these comments – especially as they came with the announcement of the award. I was happy to see that Sibelan recognized my “unsentimental attention” and was not put off by the subject matter – kids with intellectual disabilities.

Later, we asked Mr. Williams to tell us little bit more about his writing techniques, to share his writing experience and writing habits with us, and he responded kindly:

I’m very sure to have paper and pen available wherever I am: I carry it with me & at home I keep paper & pen by my bed and in the bathroom – I never want to miss what comes to mind that I might be able to use in what I’m working on now or for something in the future.

 I also keep a journal. This can be as crucial as the pen & paper. I’m working on a book now set on a family dairy farm. My wife and I visited the farm she grew up on for years (her brother took it over when their father died) & I would write in the journal whatever I found interesting – and there was a lot. I never thought about writing a book – but when, years later, the idea for a book came to me, I had all that material that I’d recorded. I usually write in the morning & am able, if I’m lucky, to get in about four hours – after that my concentration fails & I go on to less difficult tasks like pitching what I’ve written.

 The most important work in writing is revising. I go over & over what I’m working on – many, many times – to make sure it sayswhat I’m trying to say in the best way possible.

 I have a desktop and a laptop – and a jump-drive. Whichever computer I use, I save what I’ve written to the jump-drive & then to the other computer. Also I save – to the computer & to the jump-drive – many times as I’m working so, if something happens to the computer, at least I’ll have part of what I’ve done.


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