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Announcement of Short List

Dear Writers,

Thank you for keeping us busy, and thank you for giving us this opportunity to enjoy reading, re-reading and evaluating your short stories, poems and essays. We thank you for your immense understanding and support, and yes, we failed to cope with many obstacles in 2017, but New Year is knocking at our door and we rejoice, confidently rushing into 2018, working to establish the new Hourglass.

This announcement is issued only in English, as we lack of resources; we hope for understanding from all of you who write in BCMS languages.

The judging panel: Sibelan Forrester, Tanja Stupar-Trifunovic and John K. Cox have made their decisions on which pieces made it into the short list.


“Those Saturday Mornings at 44 Marble Foot Street”

“The Best Thing”

“An Alleged Miracle and a Specific Tragedy”

“White Hibiscus: A Fugue”

“The Champion”

“An Antidote for Nostalgia”

“Chameleon Eyes”

“Story Arc”

“Blue is the Colour of Love”


“Jabuka” (BCMS submission, submitted via Submittable)

“Da li kurve sanjaju komete (BCMS submission submitted via Submittable)

“Kuće s pogledon” (BCMS submission, code: Case Con Vista)


“Slučaj Maksa Levenfelda” (BCMS submission, code: Felis)

“Delta mogućnosti ili Vrt sa stazama što se račvaju Ivana Galeba” (BCMS submission, code: Amur)

“To Outlast the Flames”

“Smugachán Sráide”

“Wolfie’s Life in Death”



“Sarajevo Museums” (a.ka. “Catalogue of Silence”)


“Museum of Literature and Performing Arts, Sarajevo”


“There Is Nothing like a Berkeley Estate Sale”

“The Ruins of Aleppo”

“Breakfast at the Grant Park Esil”

“Popping Frogs in the 50s”

“Portrait of Babushka as God”

“Full Lotus on Hot Concrete”


“What Rust Does”

“Gijom se opkladio sa dvojicom Arapa da će ubaciti kuglu iz nemoguće pozicije” (BCMS submission, code: Jen Yu)

“Gušter u travnju ili o usnama” (BCMS submission)

“Grad sa Isakom” (BCMS submission, code: Rock of ages)

Winners will be announced in January 2018 in the National Library in Banjaluka, soon after the Orthodox New Year.

For those who made it into the short list, this is a one more reason to celebrate and enjoy New Year’s Eve. But it pains us, for all of you who didn’t make it into the short list, that we brought this announcement just before the New Year. But, we’ve wrapped a present for all of you dear, beloved writers whose pieces are not listed. In the case you didn’t receive a letter from our desk before New Year, please, e-mail us at: support [then put at sign – @] hourglasspress.org. (We receive a lot of spam so we hope you understand how to e-mail this letter).

Last, but not least: FOR ALL OF YOU WHO WANT TO BE INVOLVED WITH HOURGLASS LITERARY MAGAZINE: We are looking for volunteers and interns. We look for: Readers, Blog Writers, Translators, Illustrators, Photographers and all of you who find themselves responsible enough to work closely with the editorial staff and who are willing to simultaneously work on different tasks involving: Social Media, Grant Writing, Market research and so on and so forth. Please send us your CV’s at our support e-mail address at our new domain: hourglasspress.org.

Again-we thank you all, we honestly wish you all the best in the New Year. Welcome the New Year in grandeur, rejoice and don’t even think about seeking for the muse, as your muse is already seeking for you.

On behalf of the judging panel and editorial desk,
[Vojislav] Voki Erceg

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