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2016-2017 Preliminary Contest’s Results (The Long List)

Foremost: we completely understand occasional complaints by our respected authors and writers regarding the delay in announcing the results of our competition. We apologise, again, for having kept you waiting! Finally, the jury comprising Sibelan Forrester, Tanja Stupar-Trifunović and John K. Cox are delighted to announce the preliminary results (the long list).

(Notification of the contest winners will follow shortly, as well as the announcements regarding our plans for the future!)


When You Burned My Paintings (Best Poem)
Those Saturday Mornings at Number 44 Marble Foot Street (Best Short Story)
Jeremy (Best Short Story)
Seen/Unseen (Best Short Story)
The Best Thing (Best Short Story)
All I know is that I Know Nothing: An Essay on the Philosophy of Philosophy (Best Essay)
Amelia Borgiotti (Best Short Story)
Instead (Best Short Story)
untitled (Best Poem)
Flight Plan (Best Poem)
Ad Space (Best Short Story)
Passion has little to do with euphoria and everything to do with patience (Best Poem)
Fear is a bottled instinct (Best Poem)
Story Arc (Best Poem)
The Bottle Rocket (Best Short Story)
Rua Imigrante (Best Poem)
Trigger Warning (Best Poem)
Wait (Best Essay)
Poem with tweeted lines (Best Poem)
Full Lotus On Hot Concrete (Best Poem)
A Private Person (Best Short Story)
Revenge (Best Poem)
The Loveless Fuckups, Part One (Best Short Story)
What Rust Does (Best Poem)
Fair and Square (Best Short Story)
An Antidote for Nostalgia (Best Short Story)
SoCal Gardener (Best Poem)
Chameleon Eyes (Best Short Story)
Portrait of Babushka as God (Best Poem)
Criminal Sickness (Best Essay)
The Inheritance (Best Short Story)
Maestro (Best Short Story)
Neoliberalism: The Blind Side (Best Essay)
I Found a Pair of Hands Digging in the Garden (Best Poem)
Wolfie’s Life in Death (Best Essay)
The Shape of Things (Best Short Story)
Apron (Best Essay)
CATALOGUE OF SILENCE: Sarajevo’s Museums and Libraries After the 1992-95 War (Best Essay)
Museum of Literature and Performing Arts, Sarajevo (Best Poem)
A Letter to My Father (Best Poem)
Minute By Minute They Change, Minute By Minute They Live (Best Essay)
Croup (Best Poem)
The Skopje Zoo (Best Short Story)
The Female Quixote as a Tragedy (Best Essay)
One Hundred Eyes (Best Poem)
Breakfast at the Grand Park Esil (Best Poem)
Further Down the Road (Best Short Story)
Unfeeling, Anesthetist (Best Poem)
The Champion (Best Short Story)
Call Me Tommy (Best Short Story)
To the Lithuanian language (Best Poem)
There is Nothing Like a Berkley Estate Sale (Best Poem)
Holiday in the Sun (Best Short Story)
The Ruins of Aleppo (Best Poem)
Winter Comes to Bishkek (Best Poem)
Where There’s A Will (Best Poem)
Blue Is the Colour of Love (Best Short Story)
What You Read (Best Short Story)
He belonged to her song (Best Short Story)
Fearsome Men (Best Essay)
Can You See Me Now? (Best Essay)
Emma Grace Stewart-King (Best Essay)
Water (Best Short Story)
an alleged miracle and a specific tragedy (Best Short Story)
Huddled Masses: Crisis at America’s Crossroads (Best Essay)
To Outlast the Flames (Best Essay)
Retreat (Best Short Story)
White Hibiscus: A Fugue (Best Short Story)
Yellow (Best Short Story)
‘Smugachán Sráide’ (Best Essay)
Omerta (Best Poem)



(ŠIFRA/CODE: JEN YU) Gijom se opkladio s dvojicom Arapa da će ubaciti kuglu iz nemoguće pozicije

(ŠIFRA/CODE: Rock of ages) Grad sa Isakom

(ŠIFRA/CODE: Bojanić), Gušter u travnju ili o usnama


(ŠIFRA/CODE: Pen name), Očevi i ruže

(ŠIFRA/CODE: Case con vista), Kuće s pogledom

(ŠIFRA/CODE: Lotta) , Uništi ponovi opet

(ŠIFRA/CODE: Stepenice), Prebivati u tuđem sećanju i u tuđoj priči

(ŠIFRA/CODE: Bla), Da li kurve sanjaju komete

(ŠIFRA/CODE: Taz Kann),

(Submitted via Submittable) Jabuka

(Submitted via Submittable) Lom

(Submitted via Submittable) Milenijum


(ŠIFRA/CODE: Amur), Delta mogućnosti

(ŠIFRA/CODE: William of Baskerville), The name of the rose

(ŠIFRA/CODE: Felis), Slučaj Maks Levenfeld

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