At the confluence of the West and the East, Hourglass Literary Magazine proudly announces its second international writing competition for:

  • Best Short Story
  • Best Poem
  • Best Essay

The deadline to enter Hourglass Literary Magazine’s International Writing competition has been extended to May 31st! Click here to learn more.

Learn more about past contests results


Scrivener Award

Special prize of the Literature and Latte – Scrivener Award – one licensed software solution, “writing studio”, Scrivener and US$250.


The Winning Entry…

…in each category (short story, essay and poem) will receive US$1000 as prize money, apart from a symbolic artifact (clepsydra), digital stamp and diploma.

Authors of winning entries will receive printed copy of the Hourglass Literary Magazine No. 2.


The Jury Award

The jury has the right to give a special prize (US$ 500 for entry in each category).


The Literary Encyclopaedia Award


  • Special prize of The Literary Encyclopedia – an online reference work for English-language readers interested in broad literary and cultural matters – consisting of one 2-year subscriptions and one 1-year subscriptions to LE for shortlisted authors.


  • …will be officially awarded in Banja Luka, Bosnia and Hercegovina (during September 2017)(TBA).
  • The event winners and finalists will be informed via e-mail/phone.
  • If an author cannot attend the awards ceremony, sponsors of the contest will provide the video conference; funds will be paid via PayPal or bank transfer.
  • Winning entries will be published in the second issue of the Hourglass Literary Magazine, in the original language (English / BCMS languages) and translated (BCMS/English).
  • Authors will also receive printed copy of the Hourglass Literary Magazine No. 2.
  • Editorial staff and board members will take under consideration shortlisted works for publication in the second issue of the Hourglass Literary Magazine. The selected works will be financially compensated.

General criteria of the competition

  • Final closing date: 11:59 P.M. May 31st US Central Time (Click here to learn more.)
  • Closing date: 11:59 P.M. April 30, 2017 (US Central Time).
  • Jury/Judges: Sibelan Forrester, Tanja Stupar-Trifunovic and John K. Cox. (Jelena Lengold – past jury member.)
  • The competition is international and is open to all authors writing in English or any of the BCMS languages (comprising Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian, Montenegrin.)
  • There are no theme, or genre limitations and boundaries.
  • Work must be original and unpublished.
  • One author can compete in all categories, for all three awards respectively.
  • Multiple submissions are allowed (as well as simultaneous  submissions).
  • Authors who write in BCMS may submit their entries in Latin or Cyrillic script.
  • By participating in the contest of the Hourglass Literary Magazine authors agree that their work which they submitted in the contest is to be published in the second issue of the Hourglass Literary Magazine (in print and digital form).
  • Short stories, essays and poems by writers who write in English will be translated in one of the BCMS languages and vice versa.
  • Participants retain the copyright of their works.
  • Names of finalists will be published on the Internet at: and/or the Hourglass Monthly Newsletter and also through our media sponsor (ELTA TV) at the official press conference scheduled for July 2017.
  • Works can be sent in .doc, .docx, .rtf, .odt and .pdf format, with font size not exceeding 12 points.
  • Contest is anonymous and will be blind judged.
  • Please prepare your text document(s) accordingly to avoid disqualification. The document should only contain the name and text of the story, poem(s), essay. Personal details should be included in the Cover letter of the submission tool.
  • Participants at any time may contact the editorial office via email: editors {at}
  • “Manifesto” of the literary magazine can be found here.
  • To learn more about past contest results please follow this link.


  • Due to colossal differences in regional (BCMS) and international (more specifically English-speaking area) standards, all shortlisted  authors (including the winners), will be contacted separately regarding the contract via e-mail or phone before we commence work on the inaugural issue of Hourglass Literary Magazine.

Detailed instructions for submissions:


We only accept submissions online via Submittable.

  • Entry fee: $15 USD per submission (except for Best Poem category where up to three submissions are accepted for the same price).
  • Entry fee for authors who want to compete with more than one work in the category for the best essay, best short story is 25 USD for three works.



Text for a short story should not exceed 7000 words or be less than 700 words.



There are no strict limits, provided that poems should not have more than 3500 words. Author, writer competing in the category for the best poem can submit up to three works.



Essays should not exceed 9000 words or be less than 1000 words.


Good Luck! 
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